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Thread: druid questions and brainstorming for 3.1

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    druid questions and brainstorming for 3.1

    So.... with 3.1 hitting soon i have a few questions for tankspot...... seeing as how, since my first time here this place has been my bible... im hoping you can help me out : heres my armory link


    so with 3.1 hitting our guild has taken every boss down cept 3d sarth which we will be attempting for the first time this week! *we got him* lol but with uladar comming out how should i gear up... i have both stam/miti sets...

    With the new raid and savage defence.. and getting the nerf stamp on our armor and stam...i dont plan on giving up my tank spot and regaurdless of what alot of people think... i believe druids will still be great tanks... just maybe have to work a lil harder....

    So basically i want to know what should i do to prepair should i regem? should i go for more stam, agi, or maybe atk power? ..and be critical on my gear .....i want to give my guild the best advantage we can have getting into new content.... so what are you guys doing for the patch?

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    I will also not be giving up my tank spot. At the moment druid tanks play a big part in my guild and are usually the first main tanks on the team sheet.

    Yes we are getting a nerf and no it doesn't make sense considering extra HP and Armor was given to us as a trade-off for not having block/parry etc, but despite all this I will struggle on and wait for something to happen on it, and see how good this Savage Defense actually is. From what I've seen so far its very situational and isnt good enough to warrant stacking AP over stam or agi.

    I will probably end up gemming a bit more towards stam than I am at the moment, followed by AGI. But, like you, I am a JC so we can play around with prismatic gems too which will make it a little better.

    Will be interesting to see how it plays out though, and I wouldn't rule out some changes to druids shortly after 3.1 goes live.

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    If you already have a working set for the released content, then I wouldn't bother regemming or enchanting until 3.1 is released. Rawr can point you to the best balanced tanking set in the game based on current mechanics, and I doubt a BIS bear (T7) will look very different after 3.1.

    The only slots with a decent probability of changing are the non-leather slots.

    My only nod to 3.1 so far is collecting a moonkin set. Bear/owlbear ftw!

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    I wouldnt worry about the nerfs. Very few players are honest enough to admit we were overpowered. We can still do our job just fine. The point people forget is that we could all do our job way too easily before. Which is great for an intro to raiding etc etc, but the game has been just a little too easy. Tanks & healers & dps & dks have all been nerfed. Dont worry about it!

    There's nothing to prepare for unless your guild wants to get on the ptr. Gearing priorities are the same. Besides that, noone really knows because the content is not out yet :P

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