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Thread: druid addons?

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    druid addons?

    What are some good addons for a restro druid for raiding i have deadly boss... or is there no special ones

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    Grind is the general healer UI helper. Also try to find some sort of cast bar animation so you can see how your ping is affecting your casts.

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    I like HotCandy

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    I have several that I use and love.

    • Annouces to the raid when you BRez a target
    • Whispers a target on Innervate.
    • Whispers a target on failed BRez and Innervate
    • Notifies you about the use of innervate on yourself
    • Gives you a rough estimate on the mana return from innervate
    Grid with GridStatusHots, GridStatusLifebloom and GridStatusMissingBuffs
    • Allows you, when set up, to track LB, Juv, RG, WG, and HP
    • As the name sugests, notifies you on aggro gain; giving you a chance to get Barkskin up and warn the tank you have aggro.
    • Lets you assign a hotkey for ressing the dead
    • Shows you active resurrections to prevent wasted mana

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    I use Healbot, which basically does all the tricks of the abovementioned Smartress and Grid rolled into one. It also whispers targets who're getting a (battle)ress.

    Honestly though, you can do -really- well with just hovercast macros. Of course, the one-cast healing addosn like Healbot and Grid are great, but they're not really needed, nor are all the others. They're handy, but none of em are must-haves.

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    I use Bartender4 as a UI, got the bars permenantly set up so that nothing changes on shape shift (unlike Blizz UI) so my heals and aggressives are always in the same place, got the heals in big boxes and the rest in little ones.

    It also allows the bars to be in lots of places allowing you to customise your screen space a lot- it allows me to see the fight as well as 25 status bars.
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    I use dominos for the same reason as tillara also Grid is amazing i use it in coordination with clique also hotcandy helps me track all my HoT's and for cast bar i use quartz ; Ghost pulse is also useful especially for Wild Growth CD's, swiftmend and innervate; also omen but i rarely pull aggro so i rarely actually watch it

    Ah what else ... also pitbull simply for the reason that the mana bar on the UI show 5SR and you can more easily track it.

    For combat log eaves drop is nice and there are several others can't remember them all at this time :P
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    grid and clique is a really good combo.

    Bufe's video tutorial site for World of Warcraft addons
    some tutorials on how to set it up and n stuff
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