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Thread: REAL Magical Mitigation Please (Re: T8 4pc Bonus)

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    REAL Magical Mitigation Please (Re: T8 4pc Bonus)

    Perhaps like many of you, or perhaps few of you, but I feel that the upcoming "fixes" to a Warrior's magical mitigation are coming out the wrong end.

    Protection Warriors need an innate change that allows us to either have a faster CD on things like Shield Wall, or build this 20% magical mitigation into one of our already existing abilities, and not grant these powers by FORCING us to wear 4 pc T8 or take a new Shield Wall glyph.

    One of the ideas that I feel the developers have been pushing and are still striving for is flexibility of play style. Forcing a Warrior to take a certain Glyph or wear certain Armor does not fit with this new feeling they have brought about.

    Given the flavor of the ability, I feel Spell Reflection would be best suited suited to allow for mitigation of magical damage.

    Change the ability:

    Spell Reflection
    15 Rage
    Instant 1 min cooldown
    Requires Shields
    Requires Battle Stance, Defensive Stance
    Raise your shield, reflecting the effects of hostile spells cast on you for the next 8 seconds.

    ^^ This is how the spell would read to the player. And here is how it would work:

    Vs. spells from a hostile caster of equal level (to the warrior) and below the ability would reflect 35% of incoming damage and 100% of the effects of non-damaging spells (polymorph, fear, etc.)

    Vs. spells from a hostile caster of one level higher (to the warrior) and below the ability would reflect 30% of incoming damage and 80% of the effects of non-damaging spells (polymorph, fear, etc.)

    Vs. spells from a hostile caster of two levels higher (to the warrior) and below the ability would reflect 25% of incoming damage and 60% of the effects of non-damaging spells (polymorph, fear, etc.)

    Vs. spells from a hostile caster of three levels higher/BOSS level (to the warrior) and below the ability would reflect 20% of incoming damage and 40% of the effects of non-damaging spells (polymorph, fear, etc.) (Obviously a boss' immunity to CC and other effects would supersede the spell reflection.)

    In this manner we give the protection warrior what he needs for a PvE Magical Damage LIfe-Saving CD. Yes, we would reflect and therefore deal this partially reflected damage back to the mob, but a little buff to outgoing damage never hurt a protection warrior. We can use the extra dps/threat.
    Also, against large groups of caster mobs the warrior is now able to reflect multiple spells, helping his AOE tanking ability. This would even help those off-spec off-tanks who Sword and Board for trash/adds.

    We retain its PvP use and (I think) its balance by lowering the reflected damage from each incoming spell but allowing the "reflection window" to remain open longer. (Most casters have a main damaging spell on ~3 cast timer. If the caster was able to cast 2 spells with a 3 second CD and an instant in the 8 second window, he would suffer 35% of the damage reflected from 3 spells. To help casters avoid the mistake of unleashing a barrage of spells while the warrior has enabled his Spell Reflection, a large circling blue shield graphic could surround the warrior for the duration. (Like the one that appears when Vigilance is applied to a friendly target.)

    Lastly, to keep the flavor of the Tier 8 4 pc bonus, simply allow it to increase the effectiveness of this reworked Shield Refelection by giving it an additional 5% reflection, or so.

    I'd really appreciate some constructive discussion on this idea, and on the general idea of: "Is making our 4pc bonus 'manditory' a cheap cop-out on Blizzard's part?"

    Also going to post this on the WoW Forums to hit the community there as well.
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    You know, it still baffles me why Resists are met with such disdain by developers and players alike. They're pure magical mitigation, especially with the new minimum resist mechanics working in increments of 10%.

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    I would take it if Blizz added an activatable, temporary resist component to a Warrior's repertoire. I've often felt that Shield Reflection has been too underused, given it was one of the new/highlighted abilities of the Burning Crusade expansion. While many of the abilities added in the expansions have become main-stays of their respective classes, I feel that the Protection warrior's BC abilities weren't the powerhouses that abilities such as Prayer of Mending (Priests), Ice Lance (Mages), or Misdirect (Hunter). (By powerhouse, I mean frequently used.)

    Yes, Devastate was the $h*t in BC, but its current status places it far enough down a Prot Warrior's prio list to have it join the other BC abilities' "underused" status, IMO.

    Making Spell Reflection an ability that a Warrior learns to love would go a long way to fixing this feeling, as well.

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    Take another look at T1 and T2, what do you notice on the pieces?

    Some nonsense about item budgets will probably be brought up I'm sure, as if Blizzard has some rules they have to follow for stats on gear... which they don't and change their minds about all the time lol.

    I don't disagree with changes that give players controlled mitigation to magic.

    As far as spell reflect goes, the larger issue is that it's ineffective against so many caster bosses and trash mobs that it loses most of it's utility. It's literally a case of what Blizzard wants you to have to do, and not be able to do when they script the encounter/mobs. Same thing applies to disarm and a number of other handy mitigation skills. If they want you to heal through the damage, you're healing through the damage and that's that.

    Devastate is in it's current abysmal form because it was *too good* at some point in Beta, and things that are *too good* generally get whacked with the nerf bat a little harder. IMO
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