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Thread: Prot Warrior- Need help for heroics

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    Prot Warrior- Need help for heroics

    First off i want to say thank you in advance for helping, I am becoming even more frustrated with heroics since I am "under geared" to run the instances i need gear from, I am currently clearing UK and VH daily, and have 40 badges (not sure what to buy next).

    Here's the Armory link----

    Ragmaron (Lightbringer)

    24k hp
    553 def

    I also have Fang of Truth with +26 agil but replaced it with eternally folded

    I am asking for any advice as to where to go from here, on gear, talent specs (which i know is like debating theology) or anything else that you see that is needed, just general advice to help progress. I'm simply tired of not being able to pull my weight in the middle level heroics and want to move forward from here. and yes the professions are embarassing i know

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    You look good for most heroics, but there's a couple things you can up.

    Gun- Armor-Plated Combat Shotgun
    Cloak- The one from Wyrmrest rep would be better imo.
    Gems- get yours BS up so you can socket your wrist and gloves.
    Trinket2- Get Essence of Gossamer from H-AN. You should be able to handle it at your level of gear.

    Iron Will is basically a pvp talent.
    Safeguard is....meh. I had it for a while, got nothing out of it, dropped it.
    Get gag order. DO EET. It will make dealing with pulling casters SO much easier.

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    I'd also suggest getting rid of the figurine trinket. Give heroic nexus a try and get the hit trinket from the final boss. Your hit rating could use a little help. Also, check your auction house, I would suggest you get the burning skull pendant. It's a pretty good neck for you untill you can get the emblem one. It's also not too uncommon a drop, unless you're on a greedy server you should find it for around 100g.

    Also, try to get into Heroic VH and get the tank plate legs from the final boss.

    I'd also get rid of Puncture in your def tree and pickup gag order. Put the left over point in impale. Then drop either Armored to the Teeth or 3 points of cruelty and pickup deep wounds.

    After that you may consider Heroic UP for the sword. But be warned, the Skadi event can be a huge pain for wars. The mobs tend to run out and stand back out of your thunderclap range and just pick the healer apart. Though you shouldn't have any trouble with anything else in there.

    I would also save your emblems and make your first purchase your tier 7 bp. From there, the chained military gorget, and after that the belt if you cannot get the one from the boss of H-AN. Hopefully you can get the belt and trinket from there though.

    All in all though, you're not really that undergeared. You won't be tanking Malygos right now, but you can handle any heroic. What exactly is going wrong on your raids that makes you frustrated?

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    Allright im looking to buy a Combat shotgun on AH, but there are none right now

    For the badges of heroism, I'm at 47, and am going to save for theT7 for the most benefit. I will start running H AN for the Essence and the belt. I will definatly change the talent tree as i did it as i was lvling and haven't touched it since, I guess why i was getting frustrated was the reaction when trying to find a group, no one wants the tank in blues ,but i guess i cant do much about that,

    thanks alot for both of your replies it was what i was looking for, just a bit of guidance.
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    Don't let other people frustrate you. It's amazing how many tanking experts there are out there. Most of the time they don't even know how to play their own class, just ignore them. You're gear is perfectly fine for heroics. I would dare say you could also easily OT in Naxx. My guild uses a prot war OT who's gear is very similiar to your own and she does just fine in there.

    And I also forgot to agree with the other poster about your blacksmithing. Get to work on that. Those two gem slots can be handy. Throwing in two 24 stam gems is gonna net you nearly 500 more health. Also, if you have a friend who is an enchanter and has gotten the enchant. There is a very nice bracer enchant for tanks that gives 40 stam. You might not want to waste it on a blue bracer, maybe go to Old Kingdom and get the epic bracer from the boss in there. It's the best tanking bracer pre-raid. Bracer of the Herald is the name of it I believe.

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