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Thread: Gauntlets of the Master or T7 Gloves?

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    Gauntlets of the Master or T7 Gloves?

    Hi everyone, I was in Naxx last night and won Gauntlets of the Master, however I'm not sure whether to use these or stick with my T7 gloves. There are a lot of good points about both which makes the decision hard to make. Here's my current gear just now:


    Here's a link to the Gauntlets of the Master.

    The main points for each are that T7 has expertise, which I'm short of just now and gives me the 2 set bonus whereas the gauntlets have hit and dodge, which is better than the parry on T7.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    imo gaunts of the master are better for EH

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    The warrior set bonuses are crap, unfortunately, so don't factor those in your decision at all. You definitely need the expertise, so keep stacking that for now. Also get rid of EoG as soon as you can. That's a lot of stamina, but the proc is a waste and you'd be better off losing 1k health and picking up the Emblem of Heroism trinket, or Lavanthor's Talisman from Heroic Violet Hold, until you can get trinkets from Naxx.

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