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Thread: End Game Gear/Spec/Rotation Improvement Help

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    End Game Gear/Spec/Rotation Improvement Help

    Hello everyone, I am currently one of the tanks for my guild and switch between MT/OT as needed. I don't have any trouble holding aggro but I feel my dps is very sub-par an I am interested in suggestions for where I need the most improvement.

    Here is my armory link: The World of Warcraft Armory

    I use the common rotations widely discussed here as well as common 15/5/51 talent build to do as much dps/threat as possible but I seem to greatly lack dps on Patch for example compared with all the 3k dps+ prot warriors out there. I recently formatted so I will have to wait until next week to post any WWS

    Here are some of my main questions:
    What crit rating should I be shooting for prior to buffs?
    How important is it to hit the expertise hard cap? I am only at 30 now.
    Similarly what hit rating should I be at? Currently 163.

    Couple pieces of gear I expect to switch to as they become available to me:
    Legs - Legplates of Sovereignty
    Feet - Sabatons of Endurance
    Shield - Barricade of Eternity
    Perhaps even Back - Gale-Proof Cloak though I am not sure it is an improvement.

    I also have the emblem crit trinket that I can use if survivability isn't a concern in any way but I am more interested in raising dps while still wearing MT type gear instead of trash mob stuff.

    Beyond that I think I just need to focus further on my rotation timing. I have the rotations down without thought however the speed of clicking especially with lag concerns could probably be improved.

    Do people try to time their global cooldowns and press the buttons exactly as they end or do you just spam them? Any other advice?

    Thanks for any help

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I would also like to get Nexus War Champion Beads and perhaps throw an expertise gem in it
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