I realy haven't look at any spec for dk in forums or anyything like that. I went for a trail and error kinda thing and try a lot of combinations and came up with 23/38/10 - WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator
This prove to not only bein really good but a very good fun spec. For Single target pulls i would IT>PS>if Rime-HB and OB if no Rime - HB>2BS and wait for HB cd then refresh Diseases RP dump on RS and DC
On AoEs i would drop a pestilence between IT>PS and a BB between HB/OB
I would have nice def CD like Lich/Unbreakable Armor/IB + Spell Deflection
Im fully aware that tankin became way to ez as i would jsut run between packs of mobs Diseas on and spam Pestilnce till i had a good group when ill start Spammin Hb and BB and as much AoE my dps would do they were just glue to me.
With the new changes on 3.1 for the frost tree i see that i have to go to deep into Frost for HB, which mean bye bye VoTW and also SD on blood tree and also with the modification on HB and Lich i wonder if its even worth it.
Now im trying to get use to the idea that goin on deep frost might not work and was lookin forward for a Blood-base tankin spec (since BB is goin to get buff). Is there any good spec to work with that offer the same flexibility as mine? also an explenation of the rotation for it would be awesome
Im lookin to get used to other specs before patch hits maybe something a lil more complex would be nice.
Anyways my armory is: The World of Warcraft Armory
And i have tank everthing with this spec but 25-AbominationQ-KT-Saph-Maly