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Thread: MT - Need Duel Spec - Arms

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    MT - Need Duel Spec - Arms

    I am in the MT rotation of The Good Bad and Ugly guild of Moonrunner (US). When Duel specs comes out, i would like the versatility of being able double my dps (or more) in some encounters where I am not needed to tank. We have several devoted Fury Warriors already and I have a personal preference for the Arms spec over Fury. With the patch, it seems Arms may once again be viable enough, yo offer me what I need (a significant boost in dps over protection spec). I do not have to crack teh top dps rankings. I would only occasionally switch into Arms while in raod for some encounters.

    When I do so now (as prot with best dps gear on), my dps is only about 1700--plus or minus some. For these encounters, if I could boost my dps to above 3000, that would be good enough. I like the changes coming to Arms spec and I think I can use it in PvE in these encounters.

    I have experimented with the fury spec in my spare time and simply do not like it. I do not see myself choosing fury as my alternate spec.When i was leveling for the first time, I was mostly in the Arms spec for the first 40 levels. I am somewhat familiar with it and I did enjoy that spec.

    One thing about the Arms rotation I do not like, id the Slam. perhaps as a holdout from my protection background, I plan to integrate imp Heroic Strike into my Arms spec place of my imp slam in the rotation. In order to do this, I have designed my tree for maximum rage generation and plan to use macros to keep imp bloodrage up on each CD. Here are the details:

    -For starters I have placed all possible points into Improved charge, Anger Management, Unbridled Wrath, Improved Bloodrage, Second Wind and Endless Rage.

    -Next I maximized dps per rage spent. Improved Heroic Strike instead of Improved Slam will use less rage and deal more damage. I put all points possible into; Armored To The Teeth, Cruelty, The Rend/Deep Wounds sub-tree, Mace Specialization, Strength of Arms, Trauma, Unrelenting Assault, Blood Frenzy and Sudden death.

    The result was a... (56/13/2) Arms Talent Build:

    I am even considering taking two points out of imp Mortal Strike and placing them into imp Slam. This would result in a longer MS CD, allowing for more attacks between MS's. Mortal Strikes use a lot of rage, so it would allow for more rage to be left for other attacks. having both imp HS and imp Slam might allow for both to be used between each MS.
    So here is my alternate Arms build (56/13/2)
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    I am in the same situation in where I am normally a tank, but I'd like my Dual Spec to be Arms instead of Fury. Right now, I use an Arms spec to help OT in Naxx (on a 3 tank tea), and DPS when OTs aren't really needed. It works out well in that I do much more damage in this situations than when I was Prot, and my tanking isn't too severely affected.

    Anyways, if you haven't checked it out already, I highly recommend reading this guide for excellent starting information for how Arms is played, particularly in comparison to Fury: [The PVE Arms Warrior Compendium & FAQ 1.0] . For example, it seems like you're fearful of being raged starved, but from my own experience, as long as you gear up correctly (hit cap, crit to 35% unbuffed, expertise to -5%) the Arms tree nets you more than enough rage, even against a Raid Boss Training Dummy, to use your abilities.

    In regards to Improved Slam, it is extremely useful to have, especially if you have the 2 piece Dreadnaught DPS bonus, but it really is there for filler. In most fights, you'll be preoccupied with handling Taste for Blood overpower procs and Sudden Death Execute procs that you'll mostly just be Mortal Striking as your rage dump in between.

    Anyways, good luck in your future with Arms! I too can't wait until 3.1 comes out!
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    Okay, I tried Arms out tonight and I actually went with this: Arms (58/13/0)

    I liked the results; it was much more exciting to play than Fury spec. I have yet to try it out in raid. That will probably have to wait until duel specs. I might try some 10 man Naxx or EoE content while in this Arms spec--sometime in the next two days, before I have to switch back to prot for 25 man content on Sunday.

    Here is some interesting info on the subject. MMO-champion just updated yesterday, with the new 3.1 talent tree!
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    The guided build for arms from the compendium, is where I got all my basics from, and learned the rest myself. With the gear from 10&25 mans I've picked up along the way, my off-set with dps arms includes the colossal skull clad cleaver, and I'm toting about 2k-2.5k avg, w/aoe spikes up to 3.5/4k w/Bladestorm. Trauma and Blood Frenzy are nice helps too

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