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Thread: Should I be gemming more expertise and hits?

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    Should I be gemming more expertise and hits?

    I feel like I am not putting out enough threat. If I gem more expertise and hit, will I generate much more threat at this point? Also, is expertise soft cap at 28 and hit cap at 260 rating? It seems like I should get expertise capped first before hit?

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    I also just got this Dragon Brood Legguards - Thottbot: World of Warcraft
    could be useful in mixing in hit I guess, though I would have to sacrifice some parry rating.

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    26exp / 214exp rating / 6.5% to push dodge off the table
    57exp / 478exp rating / 14.25% to push parry off the table

    I pushed more Expertise first, as I felt that was more important. I do need to raise my hit more. If you can raise them both at the same time, that's even better, but I still think Expertise should win out.

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    While certainly by acquiring the Expertise and Hit caps, you'll generate more threat. You'll gain more threat as you get more gear with Strength and Block Value too, but the reality is that most of your threat comes from your ability to press buttons really fast.

    The priority system you want to be using is:
    Shield Slam > Revenge > Concussion Blow > Shockwave > Devastate

    At the same time as the above, you want to be using Heroic Strike whenever you have 50+ rage. (which is often) Try working on that stuff first, before you go too crazy worrying about how to revamp your gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychocrasha View Post
    I feel like I am not putting out enough threat.
    What makes you "feel" that way? Are your DPSers actually catching and passing you on fights? If so, which fights? How much DPS are these individuals doing, and are they using threat wipes to their full effect?

    Looking at your stats, your Expertise and Hit, while not spectacular, are not so low that you should be having severe issues.

    Are you Heroic Striking enough? A very high percentage of your white swings should be Heroic Strikes on bosses. Once I mastered keeping HS spam rolling throughout the fight, I never had an issue with threat - and my Expertise/Hit aren't far ahead of yours (26/180 or so).

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    Need more info - your threat gen should be adequate with your current stats. Do you need the defense from that trinket to stay uncrittable? I think trinkets are a nice place to make minor situational tweaks would be nice if you could swap it out for a better threat trinket for those situations (which you never really explained) where you need more threat. But yes getting your expertise over 6.5% would be the most effective way to reduce TPS dips for sure.

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    For example
    when I am on Malygos 10, I didn't seem to be outputting enough threat. While he didn't turn to dps, my guildmate was complaining that he couldn't be doing more dps or he would out threat me. Though I was probably a little slow on Maly fights due to inexperience with him.

    But other times, I feel like other tanks out threat me on trash and in very few instances, bosses (but maybe others are right, that happens when I slack off on pushing buttons).

    my expertise now is 26
    I can get hit to 260 if I put on the pants from OS25 instead of my T7.5...though I am not sure 260 is worth scarficing other stats for.

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    Maly can be one of the more demanding threat fights if your group is good about stacking the sparks and maximising their DPS. It is the only fight that come to mind where the DPS get a damage buff that the tank does not. Not to mention the times when your stuck out of melee range during a vortex.

    In that kind of fight dont hesitate to have your Hunters misdirecting and your rogues tricksing as much as possible, especially if your popping a heroism well the DPS are in multiple sparks.

    Selecting the right person for Vigilence can be a god send in that fight to.

    Expertice and Hit are great for threat but there is a point where the raid will just have to help.
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