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Thread: Death Knight Agi vs Str tanking

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    Death Knight Agi vs Str tanking

    So been tanking for a while and always thought that STR was our tanking stat. The parry from forceful deflection, ap for threat. Sounds like a great deal. But after some theory crafting it looks like AGI scales much better for us.

    As an example:

    Inevitable Defeat and Black Ice give the same amount of avoidance. Give or take .03%.

    roughly speaking 28 agi is = to 100 str o.O

    Ive tested it and it looks like 1 point of agi gives roughly .01% dodge while 1 point of str gives .0028% parry.

    On a side note, more agi = more armor.

    any input on this? Overall it seems like on top of the str from our gear a little agi might help with avoidance once 3.1 hits. The more I look at it, we seem like Druids, and 3.1 is not helping that with the damage reduction and hp buff....

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    STR is really a threat stat. Yes it offers some passive parry avoidance, but as your math shows its not really a whole lot of parry.

    But if your looking for avoidance from dodge then use dodge or def gems/chants. As for weapons, meh, the agi on ID is just icing on the cake really. Its the STR, STAM, and EXP that make it so sexy.

    If your looking to up your threat, STR and Weapon Damage/DPS are the 2 best stats to upgrade.
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    im sitting fine where im at. Just starting some discussions. I just think blizzard really took the wrong approach with DKs. We're too similar to druids and 3.1 isnt helping.

    Just wanted to make this a bit of theory crafting as well as informative. I know while i was gearing up i wanted alot more avoidance than the naxx 10 and equiv gear could offer, and I was very dissappointed by str.

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    If you want avoidance, go with avoidance stats. DEF/DODGE.

    I'm not sure what's the issue? Why gear for AGI at all?

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