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Thread: DK Frost Tank rotation

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    DK Frost Tank rotation

    I have been playing around with talents and rotations to maximize my dps as a tank, both for multi mobs and for single target bosses.
    I have a decent multi target trash rotations that keeps agro well and does dps
    its: D&D> IT> PS> PES> HB> BS> OB> BS and repeat.
    There is a lag at the end before you start the rotation again which you can use FS to fill, ive been Testing this against 3 training dummies and im hovering at around 2k dps.
    My Single Target rotation is completely lacking, i mean my tps is deffinitely decent but my dps is lacking bad. Any sugestions would be appreciated.
    This is my spec
    As soon as armory is up ill post that as well
    I could use pointers on how to crank up my dps as a tank and how to better my rotations.

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    See Tony's excellent guide on DK DPS. As a DK your dps and tank rotations aren't very different, I've found that usually I simply switch gear and presence and I'm all good. I normally don't even respec, but if absolutely necessary I will (such as tanking Sarth 3d).

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    As a tank, I'd consider your DPS entirely secondary. TPS is what matters, far more so. I wouldn't be so concerned with that.

    That said once you link your personal info I'm sure folks can give some feedback, though I'd always bear it in mind within the bounds of your priority as a tank is threat balanced against survival.
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