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Thread: Ready for Naxx 10? Expertise, Hit Cap?

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    Ready for Naxx 10? Expertise, Hit Cap?

    Hi There,

    I've been diligently pugging away at heroics trying to get geared for Naxx 10. Have had terrible luck in HoL and Gun with shoulder drops. I've also got my eye on those bracers from the Old Kingdom.

    I'd like to know If I'm ready to Tank Naxx 10. Are there any changes you would suggest to my gemming/enchantments/item enhancements? Specifically, do I have the balance right between survivability and threat? And finally, are there any obvious gear upgrades I've overlooked?

    Here is my Armory entry.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Equip looks good, I say you should blast through Naxx with no big problems. Hit and the missing 5 Expertise come with the Naxx upgrades.

    Have fun and good luck in drops

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