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Thread: What can I handle in Naxx 10?

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    What can I handle in Naxx 10?

    Hi, I was tanking the spider wing in Naxx 10 last week and although we managed to down it I found the enrages on Faerilina and Maexxna caused a lot of problems for survivability.
    For Faerilina when we downed her I had to be battle ressed after a couple of enraged hits killed me.
    For Maexxna although I was able to pop Shield Block for every Web Wrap I still managed to die after my shield wall finished on her enrage.
    Anyone got an suggestions about what I could do to improve these survivability issues before the next run?
    Also with my gear which other wings would I be able to handle?


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    You should be able to handle everything in Naxx/10. Maybe not a Faerlina enrage, since I have no idea what kind of gear is needed for that. But generally the solution there is to coordinate killing the adds better. And if you've killed all 4 adds and Faerlina still has a lot of life left (say 30%) then that's a dps problem.

    Maexnna is tricky, most groups will take 2 or 3 webwraps during the enrage. If you can get hotted up during the enrage you should be ok, even if you don't time SW right. Also Last Stand/Enraged Regen should see you through a webwrap.

    I know for a fact that you can do Patchwerk with 24k hp and a blue geared healer, since that's what I've done (we have a a better geared healer on the hateful tank who only had about 25k hp).

    IMO, the spider bosses and patchwerk are real gear checks, they'll check dps, tanking, and healing. If you can get past them the other bosses go down really easily if you can get the coordination down. Although Sapph might be another gear check, but again you have more than enough life for him.

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    If you are decked in Heroic gear you can technically tank every fight in Naxx. However this depends on the skill and experience of your raid group. Provided you are defense capped and have ~26k HP unbuffed you can tank any fight in Naxx 10 no sweat.

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    Thanks for the replies, think the co-ordination might have been partially a bit of a problem as quite a few of the people there got the achievement for finishing the spider wing when we finished up.

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