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Thread: Advice? Esp 3.1 Glyphs

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    Advice? Esp 3.1 Glyphs

    Hey all, just looking to improve my game as always.

    My Armory

    I'd like an overall shakedown, but one thing I'm conerned with is glyphs. There are so many new majors in 3.1, and so few slots to use! Here's what I have right now:

    Minor: Bloodrage, Charge, Thunder Clap
    Major: Bloacking, Sunder Armor, Revenge

    I like all of these. Really I don't expect the minors to change, but in 3.1 there's a ton of new majors. Should I throw out one of the current in favor? My guild's leader (and MT) is suggesting I remove Revenge in favor of Devastate, but that seems a bad choice to me. Also, I love the new Enraged Regen and Shield Wall glyphs, and the changed to Last Stand. Should I pick one of those up? What should I dorp of my current set. Help!

    As to gear..please don't mention the trinkets. I know. I know. Tell Hadronox to quit being a silly bugger and drop Essence already! And I'm saving badges for the 10-man trinket.

    I feel pretty confident in everything I've done 10 and 25 man, but I'm always on the lookout for improvement. Thanks!
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    Your link has failed, here is the proper one: Eisen - The World of Warcraft Armory
    Your gear looks good, you can pick up a trinket from Heroic VH off Lavanthor if you want, and a sword in Heroic UP which will last a long while.

    For Glyphs, I currently use Blocking, Devastate and Revenge. I find the Devastate glyph to be extremely helpful in getting up Sunders and also on boosting my instant threat at the start of a fight. Since Warriors are now using Devastate so much less, without the Glyph I was finding that 5 Sunders weren't up for sometimes up to 30 seconds into a fight.
    If this site is accurate, I will be swapping my glyph of Revenge for the Glyph of Heroic Strike. I believe that 100% crit chance on HS will skyrocket my threat, although I haven't done any math on the subject.

    I also think you will find more threat being generated from this build.

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