Hi again!
I just wanted to share this Hybrid spec that I have been using to MT Sarth 3D 25 for my guild.
This spec works all day long. And also what I usually do is replace my Belt, Boots and Chest with the Blacksmith crafted Frost Resist gear and regem them for Stam and a bit of defense. This gets me to a bit over 44,000 hp when I am raid buffed.

WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator

I use the same talent setup for 10 man 3D but we have yet to drop him (twilight torment in 10 man is rough on the dps) and I wear my regular 7.5 setup. Last night I was rocking the defenders code in the 10 man version just to see how that faired during twilight torment when I just stand there and take a beating and it seemed to reduce alot of the melee hits that I was receiving...which in turn helped my health stay topped off for the breaths (which in 10 man don't really hurt so bad)

Here's how i roll as far as gear goes.
Please let me know if you think there is any room for improvement as I am always open to some constructive crit

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