While I know my gear isn't perfect as yet, I'm trying to get my self set up on the right path. I'm still grinding rep and gathering mats for a few pieces of gear but I'm starting to wonder if I need to change/add some gems and enchants.

My question is, based on my gear should I swap my Expertise/Stamina gems for gems with +hit instead to try and get my melee hit cap first? Or is expertise the better stat for threat?

Also since I'm a ways off on getting the helmet enchant from Argent Crusade should I put one of the other enchants you have access to at honored with the +30 Stamina / +? resist? I'm thinking that's a yes who doesn't like +30 stamina right?

I ran a few heroics last night and mostly I held aggro but a crit or big heal had a tendency to pull off me, so I'm, trying to figure out what I can do to fix that.