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Thread: 10 man sarth 3d for those of you with xp

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    10 man sarth 3d for those of you with xp

    I have looked everywhere to try to figure this out but finally I will just ask you guys.

    We run 10 man 3d with:
    DK - sarth
    Pali- adds/drakes
    Priest/Shammy- heals
    rogue, hunter, warlock, warlock, boomkin, mage

    No dps is under 3.3k and we save heroism untill after the first drake is down. Now the problem is not the breaths on me as MT, I am fine on handling the beraths if I am topped off prior to them. The problem is mostly with loose adds causeing to much stress on the 2 healers and that leaves either a healer dead, myself dead from a breath hitting me at sub 75% health or the other tank dieing.

    The group is really solid, we did undying two nights ago and everyone is only sarth 3d from glory of the raider. My question is whats wrong with our make up for this encounter. I just can't seem to figure out whats going wrong and if either a third tank for adds alone, or a third healer would make this fight doable.

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    If adds are the problem try it with one dedicated add tank and leaving the pally to drakes only, this is how we do our Sarth 3D 10 man.

    3 Tanks
    2 Healers
    5 DPS
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    10 man sarth 3D is usually 3tanks, 2 heals or 2 tanks, 3 heals. i wonder about using the voidwalker to tank the whelps/adds... might be doable, but it might be too much work for the lock.

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    We had VW tank, me on drakes, pally on adds. adds were a problem for a while until the pally got used to getting them, even then fire wall would separate him from either the drake group or the sarth group, causing problems if we had bad enraged adds on the other side.
    I would immagine tanking adds and drake would be nearly impossible. Sometimes we had as many as 8-10 fire adds up at a time. I would bring in an adds tank, or have the warlock bring in his VW to take sarth.
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    VW tank is a stupid gimmick to take the challenge out of an encounter because people fail at doing it properly. Sorry dub

    We do it with 3 tanks 2 heals 5 dps. Dk/Pally/Warrior was our first setup for tanks with priest/paladin for heals and warlock mage dk boomkin eleshaman as dps.

    Saved bloodlust til second drake landed, then blew them up.
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    Like others have said, switch out a DPS for another tank if adds are the main issue. We do: 3 tanks, 2 heals, 5 dps (with 1 of them switching over to heals after vesperon lands).

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    We have a 3 tank 2 healer setup.
    DK Tank - Sarth
    Prot Paladin - Adds
    Prot War - Drakes
    Resto Druid - MT heal
    Resto Shaman - Raid/Other tanks
    Ele Shaman
    Ret Paladin
    FFB Mage
    Shad Priest
    Laser Chicken

    We blow Hero after the 1st wave, get Tenebron down before shadron lands, in that short period between transitions we aoe adds down.
    We than get on shadron, usually get him down to 50% when vesperon lands, I then sacrifice the drake tank and divine guardian talented bubble, the war than shield walls, then last stands if shad is still up after these cd's the ele shaman starts healing.

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    Ok... we downed sarth 3D with me MT last night so we have seen the fight all the way through. Tonight we work on 10 man, hopefully with our new insights and confidence we can get through it. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by klor View Post
    VW tank is a stupid gimmick to take the challenge out of an encounter because people fail at doing it properly.

    Thats really kind of an ignorant statement Klor. Guilds without a DK tank who have their "gimmik" anti-magic talents to deal with the buffed breaths have to use a bear or warrior, how well do you MT 3D sarth? If you dont, I guess you fail and use a gimmik also? We also do it with with a Feral

    Guilds run what they have and honestly what isnt a gimmik. I find it amusing what people think is "cheating" and what is normal. Like range taunting Sarth to avoid the damage is a cheat, but running from Anub to avoid damage is not. Too funny.

    Ghreystar - VW's have pretty pathetic threat and I think it would be near impossible to have one round up adds.

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    Hey Hey no reason to attack DK's here. We have our uses as tanks just like we have our downfalls. You dont hear about a lot of DK tanks on Malygos do you? Cause our threat gen isn't on par with the other tanks.

    Either way, Voids tanking this fight arnt a gimmick it's just a clever use of a pet. Granted blizzard did not mean for the to be so strong for that purpose as to make it a tank and spank fight but I think they made some changes to reflect that already. I have had my void at 70 tank things all the time.

    I agree void threat is pretty pathetic... the only thing I could see a void being useful for on adds is to blow AE taunt when the whelps spawn and have your tank pick up off him asap.. atleast it gets the whelps rounded up.

    We downed 25 mand 3d this week with ehroism on CD and it made me realise what makes heroism a crutch for most people.... If your a dps and you know heroism is coming in 3 mins you save your CD's... You blow your load with heroism and nothing in the world matters but hurting the very soul of whatever your dpsing.. then your dead from the void zone you didnt notice lol

    Good tip for DPS on this fight.... blow your CD's early on first drake so you have them again later... and during heroism DPS like normal.. making void zones/lava waves still your top concern. Really sad how many times I have seen DPS die and things get hectic during heroism trys. =P

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    3D sarth 10 man set up... 2 tanks/2 heals

    Druid - Sarth
    DK - Drakes, Whelps, Blazes (5/11/55)
    Pally-Healing Druid
    Druid-Resto- on DK tank

    So it can be done w.out a void walker.

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    Here's a video clip of how we did it with 2 tanks (warrior on drakes+adds, druid as MT)

    Maybe this helps you out a bit

    Saevus VS Sartharion [10] + 3 drakes

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    We already downed it the same week I made this post. We went witht his make-up

    DK (myself) tanking sarth
    Pali tanking adds/drakes

    Pali healing raid/drake tank
    Disc priest healing me


    So yes we did it without heroism or a perfect group make up... hunter and rogue could have been switched out for say a mage and ele shammy and made the fight a little easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by influxreptile View Post
    Here's a video clip of how we did it with 2 tanks (warrior on drakes+adds, druid as MT)

    Maybe this helps you out a bit

    Saevus VS Sartharion [10] + 3 drakes
    Nice video. I had a question for the add tank.

    I've tried tanking Tenebron + adds and the fade armor seemed like a show stopper. Lots of incoming attack with -15000 armor was brutal. Closest attempt was Tenebron to 30% (so I didn't live long after the whelps spawned).

    How did you get around that? Gearing trick? Tricky cooldown usage? Amazing healers?

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    Its a combo of CD usage AND an amazing healer


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