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Thread: Fury - How to balance STR/Crit/Exp

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    Fury - How to balance STR/Crit/Exp

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    I'm really feeling that my DPS is a few hundred points too low, but I can't figure out why. With the gear I've got, it seems like I should be pulling close to 3k DPS, but I'm usually just under 2.5k. I've tried gemming all STR, but then my crit wasn't even 30%, meaning flurry and rampage procs were few and far between. I've since managed to raise crit to 32.8% unbuffed with just a few gems that aren't STR. I think my hit is plenty high enough, and although I'm not expertise capped yet, looking through recount last night, I barely had any dodges from boss fights.

    I don't have the 18/53/0 talent spec at the moment, but I'm planning on changing over to it. One thing to note about that is I'm not sure about keeping commanding presence because our pallies are always keeping Might up. I know our other fury warrior dropped all his points out of it completely and doesn't bother with the shout at all.

    I keep the standard rotation - WW,BT,Slam proc, etc. I don't bother with execute much. I've got WW/HS/Execute glyphs.

    I regularly run Naxx, Malygos, and OS 1 or 2D.

    Am I missing anything? Maybe I'm overestimating what this gear should be able to do until I get new weapons?

    It may be worth noting that up until a month ago, I was strictly a tank and had been throughout BC raiding, so the DPS role is still fairly new to me.

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    Expertise capping will help. Your Gems are a bit weird. I wouldnt worry about anything other then activation of your meta then just STR. Your biggest boost in DPS will come with weapons, I can attest to that. Your gear isnt horrible but it pretty much says 2500-2800 DPS warrior all over it. Thats not a bad thing considering your were prot till recently. I think a few more pickups and you will break into the upper teir of damage but only if the nerf bat misses us...which it wont. I would be on the look out for a nice Axe 2 hander for the upcoming patch and plan on runnin as Arms if you want to be competitive as a DPS warrior....sad but true.

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