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Thread: Comming on 80 need weapon help

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    Comming on 80 need weapon help

    Alright time to begin the crunching down to seriousness. Its been sometime snse I decided to actually get into the meat and bones of my paladin and understand his gear and abilities inside and out...now I tested a pure defense/stam blade vs the revered mace from the Kalu'ak and found my threat was quite a bit higher...sitting currently at 490ish def with current gear being tier 5/grull/kara gear.

    So currently with a spellpower weapon and that def I hover around 2.5k to 3k tps though now that I have the 969 rotation down it was higher in the Drak Keep run before shut down...now the big question I have is I have seen tons of paladins running around with the sword of courage...however if it seems like it would be easy to get that def cap would it be higher threat gen to go with the Titansteel Guardian? And please dont go ewwwww spell power weapons...state a resonable reason and if you have it handy the reason for suggesting the weapon.
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    Check out Psiven's work on spell damage weapons. You will find that Tank weapons actually generate more DPS/TPS in general:

    Maintankadin :: View topic - ( WotLK TPS Weapons Spreadsheet

    Also, it doesn't matter that you have reached 540 defense. Having more is still a good thing.

    also, this is a good read:
    Maintankadin :: View topic - Theck's MATLAB TPS analysis (A Jonesy derivative work)

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    Thanks for the info Jere really good stuff.

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