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Thread: Noob fury warrior help, please.

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    Noob fury warrior help, please.

    Hi all I am playing my first wow character which is a fury build. I'm at lvl 40 and I don't feel like I am playing very well. I am not sure what combos/strikes i should be focusing on using. I want to figure out what my best combos would be then create macros. Right now when i duel im just pressing buttons, usually it goes:
    demoralizing shout ->whirl wind->cleave ->heroic strike ->repeat.

    My talents:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    any constructive criticism or suggestions are welcome. I am hoping to build a good game plan on how to play my character to its full potential and use it correctly, and put some key binds and macros together too.

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    First of all, there are alot of nice helpguides if you browes around abit on the forum. Take your time, dont hurry. Read, learn and progress.

    I can understand it can be very overwealming, but its worth taking the time. There are some great ppl on this forum taking time to complie good tutorials. But ill help you out.

    First link -Handeling speccs, for lvling and endgame, written by Ciderhelm
    This might be abit out of date but it will help you to get a general idea.
    Thou this is how i would specc my Warrior (if i would lvl one up gain O_o)
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    Blood Craze is there to minimize the downtime you can have as a warrior, better go benefit from the incomming crits in someway.

    A couple of lvls later i would have like this
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    Here is why. Even thou you tend to not be ragestarved when you lvl up as Fury its always nice to have 20 rage at a 30 sec CD, combined with Glyph of Bloodrage and a bloodrage macro you have an instance 30 rage button
    /cast Berserker Rage
    /cast Bloodrage
    this is runned at a 30 sec and a 40 sec CD which is nice, and the glyph removes the cost of health. its a minor glyph so its nice.

    Now for rotations it should be like [Rage macro] -> WW -> BS -> HS
    And if you are AoEing, switch HS with Cleave, you dont wanna use cleave vs singlemobs. Also get Glyph of Heroic Strike, its Major glyph.

    At 60 i would switch to protec specc, couse with the new talants and stuff you are looking at some nice Slams, charges (In Combat!) and survival. I just lvled from 70-80 with some blue/kara geared tanking stuff and man i wasnt bummed out.

    For Professions, i would say Blacksmith is a dead giveaway. And if you dont have a miner, take it too to lower the cost of resources to lvl mineing.

    Hope all this helps.

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    I know what you're going through, since i also leveled a warr as my first char.

    Like typhus said "Take your time, dont hurry. Read, learn and progress."

    Read every ability you gain, try to figure how usefull it can be, and read what other warriors think about them. Slowly you'll start to get into the warrior mechanics, and master it.

    From my experience, while pvp'ing, you can't have a fixed rotation. There are too many variables. You just got to react to whatever is happening, that's why it is so important to know all the skills availlable.

    I'm not a PVP player, i focus on PVE so someone correct me if i'm saying something wrong.
    For example, you said you use demoralizing shout, while dueling. Against casters (locks, mages, priests, etc), it is useless, because demoralizing shout only affects physical damage (melee), not spell damage.
    You should use harmstring and Piercing Howl, to keep oponents at range. It's specially effective against hunters, as they can't shoot you point blank.

    Also, cleave is only usefull for hitting multiple mobs/players. While Dueling, u should focus on Whirlwind,Bloodthirst and heroic strike as your main damaging abilities.

    Rend can be useful to prevent rogues from vanishing (not shure it still works), Pummel to interrupt casts/silence oponents, etc.

    Don't worry if you loose the duels. Keep trying until you get it right.

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