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Thread: Prot Warrior...new spec?

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    Prot Warrior...new spec?

    I've been hearing about a deep wounds/impale spec for tanking and I'm wondering, is it for me? I've got several pieces of T7 and T7.5 equiv (unfortunately no T7.5 yet). I dont really have problems with keeping aggro and currently do about 1.4k dps in a 10m raid setup. I havent looked too closely at my 25m dps.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    So far, I've just been following rawr modules and the tanking gear list here to decide on upgrades. Any thoughts on my gear? Thanx

    Arthas (A)

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    couple of suggestions.

    Go with the DW spec, and try gemming a little more for expertise. Below is the before and after , the second one has a bit more avoidance (got rid of those yucky parry gems, never ever gem for parry) and hits the expertise softcap. It does lose about 1000HP though, you may not want to lose that much although really, 28.5K unbuffed is perfectly fine for just about all the content. judging from your gear, that maount if HP will be fine for everything you'd tank.

    Also ads the Hodir shoulder enchant (get it) and +16 Def to cloak that you were missing (or do AGI, up to you).

    I will also throw up an "in between" choice, that just fixes a few

    Before - chardev.org v6 ~ a World of Warcraft character planner

    After - chardev.org v6 ~ a World of Warcraft character planner

    In between. - chardev.org v6 ~ a World of Warcraft character planner

    and actually that probably the best option. It's more of everything without losing too much HP

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