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Thread: Communication/DPS compensate warrior aoe problems

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    Communication/DPS compensate warrior aoe problems

    I read lots of threads regarding warrior issues with UP (skadi specifically), HOS (brann event), and dealing with large groups of mobs. In my opinion the only answer to these problems, which is your job as the tank, is communicating and how strong are the DPS. If you the tank than take the time to give your group Bung's official rules:

    1. Stay at least 5 yards behind the tank at all times except when in trouble run to the tank.
    2. Give 4 seconds for aggro.
    3. Have fun.

    For all bosses i go over my plan of action. I also get a recount on my DPS and if they are below what I want I replace that person. Too bad. You shouldn't have to suffer or worry about your tanking cause of sucky DPS. If your DPS attack too early, dont target the skull, or cause you to lose large mobs if could very well be your fault. Obviously if your spec/gear/techniques are not up to par you will fail, but ultimately good communication and high DPS can solve all problems.

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    Sure but...

    Of course. All of those things can be set up, I've even run heroics with defined kill orders and marking groups. These ensure you rarely/never lose aggro when tanking groups. The issue with warrior AOE threat is simply that it is sub-par compared to the other tanks (possible exception of Druids). With the pre-ponderance of tanks that we seem to have in WotLK, this tends to mean that you'll find Paladin/DK tanks being favoured when it comes to heroics with a focus on AOE tanking. Simply put, you can take a warrior tank and have to wait before DPSing each group or you can taka paladin tank and not have to watch your aggro so closely. Where there's an option groups will (and do) take the easy way out. It doesn't exclude warrior tanks, just makes them a second rate option.

    Warrior tanks have extremely strong single target threat to compensate, which is nice. At the end of the day, however, threat against a single target is simple to generate for all tanks and it's typically not a problem for any class of tank to get a good 30% lead on the DPS so any negatives are not as visible as they are with AOE tanking where the difference can mean a runner.

    Fortunately for me, my guild sees the value in a strong warrior tank. Still, it's pretty humiliating to have to enforce strict target adherence and time to build threat on each pull when the other tank classes don't have to. I'm hoping that 3.1 will sort some of these issues but I'm not confident that the changes I've read about thus far will resolve the issue. Here's hoping they do.

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    If the group just give me time(the 4 seconds i ask for) to thunderclap, demo shout, shockwave and put up shield block for tons of damage shield on larger pulls/adds they are simply retarded and i wont waste challening shout on them but just HS out and go farm some veins if all 3 dps (or even 2) is fail, if its only one that fails i replace him/her and move on. No way im gonna run around an explain simple mechanics to people just because they are retarded and think im a pallytank.

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    Agree with the OP. DKs are great AOE tanks; they grab snap aggro before they even reach a group and DPS can unload without a second thought. As a druid I loved tanking with one. Now I partner with a Paladin and given 3-4 seconds none of our DPS is ripping off us but we do need that bit of extra time. On our first OS run without our DK our mage was opening up with AOE before the 4-packs of dragonkin even reached us. The first two times I didn't give it a second thought figuring it's just growing pains that come from getting use to the new tank team. The third time I let the group know to cut out the AOE until the mobs actually hit us for a second.

    Sure, this new method may add as much as 12 seconds to our previous runs. I'm sure our group will get by.

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