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Thread: New build- maybe

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    New build- maybe

    Hey guys, I am playing around with different builds for my DK Tank, this is what I have come up with so far. Just wondering how you think it might stand in a raid instance.

    WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator
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    Its gonna get the job done but it does have a few points that i think would be better spent on other talents. Not sure what kind of rotation you're using but you should really think through that second point in epidemic, with my rotation(and i'm guessing yours is similar since we're both frost) there's no difference between 1 & 2 cause i have to reapply diseases when there's ~2-3 seconds left on them anyway unless i wanna squeeze in a hb/ob/ds and go without diseases for a couple of seconds.

    You're also speced into frost strike while having morbidity, unless you're soloing a bunch of stuff and needs death coil for self healing i'd drop those points.

    Butchery - this is not gonna help you much, i would rather put those points elsewhere.

    Scent of blood - from my own experience, just having chill of the grave & sanctuary buff i have way more runic power then i can spend, without a prot pala it might be worth taking though.

    Icy reach - Again not gonna help you unless you're really having trouble with pulling/mobs getting away, might be worth taking if you're off tanking a lot and picking up adds(what kind of tank are you?)

    Merciless combat - Its nice for your own personal dps, but i doubt you're struggling with threat once a boss is below 35% hp.

    I'd definately grab death chill instead of one point in for eaxmple merciless combat. Death chill + hb is an awesome combination if your dps wants to open up early on a big pull of trash. I'd also consider blood of the north, blood runes are not really worth that much for a frost tank i'd rather use em for obliterates/hb's when i can. Acclimation is nice alternative, however you'll almost have to give it the full 3 points or its very unreliable. Tundra stalker is also really nice for the expertise and the damage certainly aint bad either.

    Well thats some ideas, alot depends on what your job is.

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