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Thread: Fury - Looking for Advice.

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    Fury - Looking for Advice.

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    Any advice on things to improve?

    Prior to the new offhand i got last night, I was about a 3-3.5 zone wide Naxx 25 (if I stayed alive). Still learning restraint.

    I was glyphed Execute/Cleave and had 3 points in improved cleave. I have since replaced the execute with HS again and am now HS on single targets, Cleaving on multiple targets. they both hit for about the same, cleave is more rage, but as far as I can tell hitting 4 targets for 3.5K each is better than hitting 1 for 3.5K , especially with the rage only being 8 more.

    Rotation is the standard WW > BT > Slam Proc > Victory Rush/Heroic Throw. HS or Cleave when I have over 50 rage (on mouse wheel up or down).

    I dont generally execute as my normal rotation hits harder.

    so thoughts/advice ?

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    Gear looks fine.

    I don't know any pve fury warriors who spec improved cleave. I use cleave on 2 fights Faerlina and anub.

    Glyphs kind of hard for fury cause most are terrible. I use execute and HS and let the third one be whatever you like.

    Rotation looks fine and pretty standard. Single target WW>BT>Slam when it procs HS over 50 rage.

    Execute - I go WW>execute till WW is up again and repeat. I don't really know if normal rotation is better. Just what I do.

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