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Thread: Take a look and tell me if i need some changes.

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    Take a look and tell me if i need some changes.

    This is me:

    3 things im mainly wondering.
    1: Is my spec ok or should i go deep wonds?
    2: Do i need more avoidance and in that case where?
    3: Are my gemms ok?

    I pull between 4-5k threat in 5 manns HC and close to 7k on 10 mann`s on singel target. Is that sufficent? I dont want dps to hold back on singel target dps cos of me.
    I cant remember that someone has pulled a main target off me in a while but im curious if it is them holding back or if im doing good.

    I do run heroics with a mage who pulls some insane threath and i love it. He keeps me on my toes all the time and i would like some more threat so ill have a bigger slack.

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    Parry gems are bad.

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    i know. have replaced most of em with hit/stam gems.

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    With that said, this belongs in the appropriate forum.


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