So I've been following a lot of the proposed drops for uldar, nearly every piece has 40+hit or expertise. This is a good step in my opinion, but with current gear i already easily hit 250 hit, and 42 expertise. This means that I will be well over the hit cap, and close to (or over) the expertise hard cap in uldar.

So getting to my point, if we are capping hit and expertise in uldar where do we have to grow? STR, Stam, SBV, and crit are the remaining stats I look at, even crit is just kinda thrown in there. Avoidance is in there as well, but our avoidance as a hole is already to high and I remember seeing ghost crawler saying something about it a wile back. most are around 40-50% easily, with a few in the high 60s. I don't think there is any room for scaling with avoidance otherwise we'll all be unhittable.

with the difference in gear from naxx to uldar, there will be a few thousand more HP, and a lot more AP along with capping hit and expertise. This brings up problems, we're 1 step short of the sunwell debuff again, and 2 steps of having no stats at all to upgrade.

This is just my take, maybe I'm overestimating. This could turn into a problem though. Is there any stats I'm missing for upgrade?

by ice crown we could be looking at 50k unbuffed, and 75% avoidance. How do you balance encounters around that?