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Thread: Patchwerk, Spec and Threat critique please!

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    Patchwerk, Spec and Threat critique please!

    Hey guys, I've been lurking on tankspot for a very long time. Love this place and I have learned alot from it. I was hoping you guys wouldnt mind critiquing my Patchwerk fight, my spec, and answering a few questions on threat.

    First off. The WWS report:
    Wow Web Stats

    Secondly. Talent build:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am still not sure if it is worth having points in a permanent ghoul or if i should be spending points elsewhere. Also with my Hit rating (315) do i need any points in Virulence at all? If i dont would it make more sense to drop virulence all together and drop Master of Ghouls for 3/3 Improved Icy Touch?

    Thirdly, I am finding it quite difficult to stay above threat with our Druid tank on Patch. Im usually bouncing between 5-(7-8K) TPS but its quite spiky (due to two hander nature?) and the druid is usually right on my butt, if not surpassing me and has to slow down... Is this normal? Am I not using my rotation properly for single target?

    Rotation ( writing these off the top of my head, i think this is how they go )

    Opening: DnD - IT - PS - UB - Empower Rune Weapon - SS - SS ( BS and RS when i can )
    Normal rotation: IT - PS - BS - BS - SS - (RP dump, UB / DC depending on if UB is ticking off soon)

    Let me know what you guys think. Would love to hear any thoughts on my spec / gear / rotation / WWS! Lay it on me!

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    With Misery/Imp Faerie Fire you're dead on the spell hit cap, looks like you ran with both a spriest and laser chicken that run not sure if you usually have atleast one of them consistantly. You're actually 1.6% over the melee hit cap and your expertise is rather low. That said in the wws report looks like you had some melee swings miss, did you log out in the gear you wore for the encounter?

    As for your spec you should really think about picking up Reaping, replacing 2 blood strike with a scourge strike every other rotation could increase your tps/dps as well. Maybe you can get some points from your ghoul, its not a bad talent but does nothing for your tps it just boosts raid dps. I'm also not a huge fan of anti-magic zone, its 6 points for what i feel a situational talent. Only times I bother picking it up is for sarth 3d tanking.

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    Hrmmm yeah to be honest Im not sure where those misses came from, I havent changed gear sets for a long time. In anycase, I wasn't to to sure about AMZ and AMS either. Perhaps i'll look into taking those out and picking up reaping for more SS goodness. My guild isnt not anywhere near ready for Sarth3d. I'll try it swapping out some points this weekend to see how things go.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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