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Thread: Another patchwerk tank dps issue

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    Another patchwerk tank dps issue

    Why is my dps so low on this fight: Wow Web Stats ?
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    Last week it was 2980 according to my recount (didnt get wws out of that one) and later I got some gear upgrades that enabled me to go for expertise cap for this weeks fight. I was pretty dissapointed after the fight when I glanced at my recount showing my dps at 2,5k.
    What I'v checked reports with over 3k dps they all have much higher crit % than I got.. we didnt have feral druid on raid this week, but that shouldnt affect so much. Should I go for more balance between hit / expertise? Currently I can't get em both capped and stay in reasonable tank gear.
    Is there something wrong with "rotations"? To me it seems that I could have sqeezed in few more devastates.

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    You'd be amazed at how much 5% crit can help a prot warrior on that fight ^_^
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    Actually, you'd be amazed at how much 30 seconds can help a prot warrior on that fight. When you're checking other reports, be sure to note the time in combat. People who make and brag about very high DPS numbers also tend to be in guilds who kill Patchwerk very quickly. Every second past the end of heroism/mark of norgannon/haste potion brings your average DPS down. If you use Recount, watch your DPS reading as you pass 2:00 and 2:30 if you really want to compare with those guys.
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