I've been thinking a lot about the state of warriors lately in comparison to the other tanking classes in terms of what I feel are our two biggest weaknesses--AoE Threat and DPS.

First and foremost, I'm happy with the DPS I can produce for the most part. My only complaint while tanking is that in order to get up to say 2000dps on a boss I have to spam Heroic Strike like crazy. This is mindless and arthritic and needs to change. That said, there are times when I'm not in a main tanking role that frustrate me. Rage starvation is a horrible game mechanic. To resolve this, I propose an ability along the lines of the following:

Ability: Talent : 40+ pts in Protection - While *in combat* the warrior produces X rage over Y seconds while a) not being targeted by an enemy and b) not taking damage. To keep it balanced, the rate of gain could be based on attack power so that it could become neither too weak or too powerful.

This would immediately resolve a major aspect of rage starvation and allow us to pump out some offensive abilities and do damage effectively while not tanking. I'd propose that this replace Safeguard or both become 1 point talents.

Secondly, I think that both Prot Warrior DPS and AoE Threat could improve by tweaking how our weapon damage and attack power scale with ability damage. From everything I've seen thus far, our Thunder Clap and Shockwave abilities simply are not scaling well enough in terms of threat to complete with many DPS classes.

Lastly, I think it would be enormously beneficial to take a look at some of our underused abilities. Mocking Blow is the best example here. With Vigilance at our disposal and single target threat already being a Warrior's strong point, Mocking Blow has certainly seen better days. Perhaps to address this issue, revamping or replacing Mocking Blow with with a low damage ability that bolsters AoE threat is in order?

I think something along the lines of a 90 - 180 degree sweeping attack that can be used between Thunderclaps and Shockwaves would be ideal. And again, to keep things balanced, I don't think a notable amount of damage would need to be paired with this. Think supplemental, rather than a huge 'buff'. I'd like to see this rather than trying to resolve the problem with Glyphs (Shockwave) because quite frankly, Glyphs of Block, Revenge, and Devastate still help us more across the board.

Other quick thoughts....

1) Make Devastate work with 2H weapons? DPS buff for non-tanking situations and fun!
2) Make Spell Reflect more useful or revamp to address our vs. magic dmg issues
3) Revamp Heroic Strike to cut down on the insane spam to maximize our threat/dps
4) Give Prot Warriors something worthwhile in the Protection tree to justify not picking up Deep Wounds in Arms
5) Dodge/Block/Parry rage production tweaks