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Thread: Re-socketing for expertise

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    Re-socketing for expertise

    Hey all
    In the abscence of new gear and or raid content...I'm doing what I think alot of us do: Staring at that screen that pops up when we press C and looking to min/max. I want to up my threat, and I have gems to burn, so I can go one of two ways:

    Stick with what I have:

    30,250 hp
    51.57% avoidance
    27 expertise


    30,500 hp
    50.71% avoidance (loss of 0.86 avoidance)
    31 expertise (+1% against the chance of a parry)

    Again, I'm not really havin much trouble as is, but I want to min/max my stuff now.

    So, which set-up looks better to you?
    Playing a warrior tank well is its own reward.

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    The second, you even gain 250 hp!

    Not sure if that's at typo or not. But you're already passed 50% avoidance and 30k hp, so you may as well have some fun with dps/tps.

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    Definitely the second choice.

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    The best way to min/max is to have different sets for different scenarios.
    Pick up pieces with lots of hit/expertise (and to an extent, str and block value), gem/enchant them for threat, and use them for high-threat fights.
    Pick up pieces with lots of defense/dodge/parry, gem/enchant them for avoidance, and use them on avoidance fights.
    Pick up pieces with lots of armor and sta, gem/enchant them for armor/sta, and use them on EH fights.
    Pick up pieces with lots of block rating/value, gem/enchant them for blocking, and use them on trash/AE fights.

    Four different sets, four different ways to gem/enchant them. On the pieces that are common across multiple sets, enchant/gem them to their strengths. For example, if you're wearing the same chest in your EH and your Avoidance set because it's the best you have for both, but it's got a lot of def/dodge and only one gem slot, gem/enchant it for avoidance. Eventually you'll get a better EH chest

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