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Thread: Wotlk tanking

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    Wotlk tanking

    Hi, I am a lvl 74 warrior, I have been reading through the guides but have got a little bogged down. My basic questions are:
    a)Is there a base def I need to tank Nexus normal?
    b)My gear is mainly Kara, (although I can now start getting saronite belt, pants), is this gear good enough to see me into normals?

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    1) for normal instances, being crittable wasn't an issue when I was leveling up, you want to reduce crit chance by as much as possible but it seems in regular instances, nothing hits hard enough to worry about crits.

    2) it really depends, the stam increases from TBC to WOTLK are pretty huge and you'll see that kara gear will get replaced by greens really soon.

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