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Thread: What can I do gearwise for Naxxramas (10 men)?

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    What can I do gearwise for Naxxramas (10 men)?

    Hi there.
    As you surely have not missed in the thread title I'm looking forward to gear up for Naxxramas - 10 men version, being the main tank there. You'll find my armory link next:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    So, what can I do gearwise? My status quo: farming materials for leveling jewelcrafting and blacksmithing as well as doing instances for Kirin Tor reputation. Thus I'm trying to do Hodir daylies regulary to become exalted.
    It would be great to receive some feedback regarding gems, enchantements, better items, et cetera. Also constructive feedback on how I spent my talent points would be the non-plus-ultra.

    This said I hope you'll excuse my rather bad english.
    Greetings from Austria - Vienna,

    Edit: Reading the sticky thread I chose to edit my original post to give you more information.
    At the moment, I have 1 or 2 badges of heroism available, having bought the T7-chest piece today. I'm running Violet Hold, Utgarde (both) and Nexus on a nearly everyday base. (Of course I'm doing the daylie hero quest nearly every day. Only exceptions are, when they lead me to an instance I've never seen before, neither normal nor heroic.) From time to time also Azjol'Nerub, though I always stop after the second boss and hope for the trinket to drop. Whenever I get a chance, I also go to HoS and HoL, Drak'Tharon as well. All with my Kirin Tor - as mentioned above - tabard, to get extra reputation.
    Having said that, I hope this is enough information provided for someone to help me.
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