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Thread: [H][US-Oceanic-Thaurissan]IPWGC 2-3nights per week

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    [H][US-Oceanic-Thaurissan]IPWGC 2-3nights per week

    Hi, IPWGC has just celebrated it's 3 month anniversary , and as such are looking to expand for upcoming Ulduar. The openings we have below are filled by alts of serious raiding guilds on the server(4 or more nights a week), and as Ulduar is coming, they will be unable to attend IPWGC raids on their alts due to their busy schedules.

    My name is RuBX with a special , and transfered from Tichondrius to Thaurissan 5 months ago. Upon trialing several guilds, I realised that they all assigned loot to their Guild masters / officers first, and then once they received the gear they wanted, they stopped turning up for raids. My guild is based around fairness and equality.

    Nax(10+25) 15/15
    EoE(10+25) Complete
    Sarth(10+25)2D Complete
    Vault(10+25) Ofcourse complete ^.^

    Our guild is yet to attempt 3Drakes on 25man Sarth, however last week we began our 10 man attempts at 3Drakes. We were able to reach Vesperon several times, but Twilight torment killed DPS as they were too keen ^.^

    Looting system: Rolls (Limited to three MS items per run)(Guild members are asked to pass to other guildies when they recieve more then 3 mainspec items in one run)

    We are a +10 UTC guild, our raiding times (all server time) are
    Wednesday 8:00-11:30 (10 mans)
    Friday 7:30 - 11:30 (Nax25 + EoE25)
    Saturday 7:45 - 11:30 (Sarth25man 2D)

    Looking to recruit...
    0x Death Knight
    1x Paladin (Holy)
    0x Mage
    0x Hunter
    1x Rogue
    0x Warlock
    2x Priest (1 Holy, 1 Shadow)
    1x Druid (Boomkin)
    2x Warrior (1 Tank, 1 TG)
    0x Shaman

    Several things we look for:
    Full 10 man or higher gear level
    Proper gems and enchants
    Full knowledge of class and spec
    Proper reputation for factions pertaining to you
    Proper rotations used and why
    Able to take jokes and criticism
    Ability to communicate on an intelligent level(we may conduct a vent interview)
    All necessary mods for raiding as well as your class (DBM, Omen, Pally Power, etc..)

    How to apply...

    Speak to...
    Rubx (my is done by holding alt, then press 0 2 3 7)
    ... in game

    Thank you,
    Happy Raiding
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