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Thread: Protection Paladins 'Stance Modifiers' as of 3.1

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    Protection Paladins 'Stance Modifiers' as of 3.1

    Browsing MMO-C, I notice that the Stance Modifiers used for EH/MEH have changed as of 3.1 We now have:

    Stance Modifiers:
    RF: 6% (.94)
    BoS: 3% (.97)
    GbtL: 6% Spell (.94 Spell)
    SotT: 3% (.97)
    Glyph of DP: 3% (.97)
    This means on Physical damage we have a total Stance Modifier of .85, or 15% reduction (this is not including Armor, just the 'Stances')

    And on Magical damage the total Stance Modifier is .80, or 20% reduction.

    Im not personally yet versed enough to say how amazing those changes are in game, but math wise it seems to be a very bright future.

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    Not quite 15/20%... Remember mitigation mods are multiplicative.

    But yes, it is looking quite up.

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    Nerf paladins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rak View Post
    control+c control+v amirite?
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    Hell no, its Xav, he is gonna type that bitch till his fingers fall off.

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    Nerf Warri... er... nevermind. No need.

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    Goodness. That's like... massive! Without knowing the full mechanics of paladins (which I'm sure will hamper me in thinking out implications) I'll abstain from further comments.

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    The modifiers:
    No BoSanc:
    Melee:  1-0.94*0.97*0.97          = 11.5554%   Damage Reduction
    Magic:  1-0.94*0.97*0.97*0.94     = 16.862076% Damage reduction
    With BoSanc:  
    Melee: 1-0.94*0.97*0.97*0.97      = 14.208738%   Damage Reduction
    Magic: 1-0.94*0.97*0.97*0.94*0.97 = 19.35621372% Damage Reduction
    It's important to separate them out, depending on what content you run. For 25 mans, you will most likely look at the "no BoSanc" section as all of your tanks will have BoSanc, so the "No BoSanc" section shows your relative Damage Reduction comparatively (So if you tank with a warrior, for example, you have 11.6% compared to 10% from DefSt and 16.9% compared to 16% from Imp. DefSt -- However there are other mechanics to consider besides this). This is also true for some 10 man content. In 5 man content and the remaining 10 man content, use the "With BoSanc" section.

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