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Thread: Looking for some Advice (Warrior Tank)

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    Looking for some Advice (Warrior Tank)

    So, I don't really have any in-game warrior friends to turn to, but I do the best I can to read and understand the class.
    I just wanted to get some advice/critique from other warrior tanks about my gear (i am working on 25 man upgrades in Naxx, EoE, and OS +2 (maybe starting 3 within the next week), the way I gem/enchant, and my spec.

    Just wondering if there is anything I completely missed or that might help my threat out put.

    Thanks for All the help in advance everyone,

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    I would get armsman to replace the 18 stam enchant on your gloves.

    Your gear isn't bad though. Maybe replace a few of those 24 stams with +8 expertise/12 stam since your about 8 below the cap. Accuracy is also superior to a weapon chain. 25 crit > 3 hit. But other then, your other gems and enchants are fine.

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