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Thread: Gearing to Tank Drakes for 10man 3D

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    Gearing to Tank Drakes for 10man 3D

    Hey all, I'm tasked with tanking the 3 drakes in this encounter and I was wondering about your opinions on some gear choices. I want to know what a good level of EH is for this fight? I've pondered going the shadow resist route as well. I've been thinking of how effective these choices would be:

    1) Tempered Titansteel Helm + Arcanum of the Fleeing Shadow (25)
    2) Night's End + 20 Shadow Resist Enchant (60)
    3) Blessed Medallion of Karabor (40)
    4) Lesser Flask of Resistence (50)
    5) Prayer of Shadow Protection (130)
    = 305 shadow resist

    Would it be worth going this route? Also, would it be better to gear for avoidance/block rating, EH/block, EH/threat or threat/block against these drakes? I normally use just EH/threat gear but for 3D it seems healing will be extremely tight and I wanna gear appropriately for the encounter. What stats should I focus on? I currently use helm of vital protection in my main tanking set which is geared towards threat/EH and thane's tainted greathelm for my avoidance set.

    Thx in advance!

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    No replies? I could really use some advice from warrior tanks who have done this...

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    HTML Code:
    Type        Damage      Percent  Hits    Missed  Mitigated  Avg
    Physical    663,373        65 %    121    50 %    1.8 %      5482
    Shadow      250,015        25 %    57             12.5%      4386
    Fire        105,316        10 %    29             13.1%      3631
    Shadow isn't the biggest damage you take, though it is probably the biggest spike damage you take (double breath). Using helm + flask + shadow prot may be helpful, but I don't think I'd drop the EH/avoidance for the other two pieces.

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    yop. I would say the same.

    In fact, that shadow damage is nothing to worry about, unless you plan to stay in some fissures
    Better go for aggro stats, BV e.g., it helps your dds a lot.
    good luck

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    I wouldn't worry about using Shadow Resist gear. I honestly don't think its needed.

    I tank the three drakes as well on 10 man and just use my normal gear with two stam trinkets (JC crab and Essence). I'm at about 31.2k hp unbuffed or so. When you are tanking Shadron, and Vesperon lands, pop a CD, and start spacing them out.

    About 5 seconds after Vesperon lands, I pop SW. As soon as it wears off, I'll pop Last Stand and Enraged Reg. Soon as that wears off I'll pop a H. stone, and Jc trinket. If you're dps is decent Shadron should be dead soon after. We use heroism about 5 seconds after Shadron lands.

    Right before the pull you can pop a Stoneskin pot before you enter combat, so you can pop a heath potion when the second and third drake are on you. We bring two healers, three tanks, and five dps for the encounter.
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    Another reason not to use Shadow Resist gear: you may wind up threat-capping your DPS. Our drake tank wears his threat set (granted, this is on 25man), so people can start nuking Tenebron as soon as he lands (same for Shadron). If you swap out too much threat gear, you're gonna either have some dead DPS or at the very least, threat-capped DPS (no good in a DPS race fight)

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