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Thread: Where to go from now

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    Where to go from now

    My little DK is getting close to the the cap of what heroics can offer me:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I have to admit that at this moment of time I'm getting a bit confused where should I go. Should I go for more HP (I'm sitting at 28.2k unbuffed) or should I go for more Expertise (I'm hit capped, but I still need to work on expertise), or maybe going def/dodge for some passive mitigation/avoidance should be better option.

    I have to admit that the only source of new items 4 me are Heroics/Naxx 10 man/OS/VoA so I'm a bit limited in progression unless I get some lucky drop in Naxx or VoA pug.

    I'm curious how will my tanking look in 3.1 with all the nerfs incoming (I'm planning to stay frost as I rly love this spec). Will my passive def be enough to do raids (I'm sitting at 53% avoidance atm)?

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