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Thread: Gemming Advice - Strength vs Hit/Expertise

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    Gemming Advice - Strength vs Hit/Expertise

    Here is my Armory
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I recently got the Repelling Charge trinket, which completely changed my options for gemming. Before I had a lot of +def gems to keep above the crit cap. Now I started replacing them with Accurate Monarch Topaz.
    My Hit is 220 my Expertise 24.
    Thanks to posts to others I know i'll be removing the one Defender's Twilight Opal (parry/stam) gem that I have.

    My main question is: For Red slots, should I also use Accurate Monarch Topaz instead of +str? Is it possible to boost my Hit / Expertise to the parry level with the quality of gear that i have?

    Follow up would be: what item needs replacing / upgrading the most in my set? I have T7 shoulders but don't wear them currently as I don't have the 4th piece.

    My guild hasn't completely cleared 10 Naxx but nearly all quarter bosses are on Farm. EoE will be upcoming and 25 man content is rare for me as my guild doesn't have the numbers and I'm new to the realm.

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    2 choices: 8dodge + 12 stam
    or 8expertise + 12Stam

    1 choice: 24Stam

    2 choices :8Hit + 8expertise
    or 8Defense + 12 stam

    the gems, are broken into what the FIGHTS, or the player needs to be on par with the fights.

    Avoidance FIRST and THEN threat.

    STR gems are bad.
    220 hit is A LOT for your gear, like...TOO much IMO.

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    Thanks for the reply Tom
    +STR gems being a bad decision changes alot about how i gem so i'll take that into consideration. My first impression is that I would replace all my +STR gems with 8expertise + 12Stam.
    I'm curious about your hit comment because I still see 23% glancing blows on boss fights on my "Swing" ability.
    WWS here for reference: Wow Web Stats
    When I'm looking at parses, what should i see that says "Your hit is ok!"?

    Also, I understand that Tanks are no good dead, but in this parse I only went down 1 time, so I assume that for this content and my healers gear, I've got enough avoidance / mitigation. My goal now is to get my threat up so I'm not a DPS bottleneck. Am I wrong?

    Also, if possible can we expand the discussion to include enchants?
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    Threat checks out, avoidance is decent, health seems good for 10-mans-starting-25-mans. I don't think your threat stats are really out of balance that much, and don't worry, as you gear up those stats with fluctuate a bit anyway.
    Playing a warrior tank well is its own reward.

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    I've done some pretty significant overhauling of my gems which got me to the Parry soft cap (expertise 26). I also put on the T7 Shoulders for the additional block rating. Thanks again for the suggestions!

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    1. Glancing blows has nothing to do with chance to hit (used to be affected by weapon skill on gear).

    2. The softcap for expertise (26) is not for parry, but for dodge.

    Also, your options is not confined to those tombrokeoff wrote, they are simply what you should gem if you're going for the socketbonus.
    On some pieces of gear you might want to gem differently, like Bracers of the Unholy Knight.
    Although the red gem isn't bad if you're in need of expertise, if you need a bit of stamina instead you should prioritize that over the +4def rating.

    I just have to add that I disagree with the statement "avoidance first, then threat". This might be true in a beginner phase of raiding, or new content. But as you progress in raiding and the members get better gear its natural that they catch up to you on threat, when this happens you have to cut back on avoidance and gem differently (or consumables/better rotation - assuming this is maxed).
    The good thing about this is that your healers will also have upgraded their gear, and can easily make up for the loss of avoidance/mitigation.
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