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Thread: Hand of Reckoning mechanics clarification

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    Hand of Reckoning mechanics clarification

    I'm a prot warrior and last night was doing 4H in Naxx (10 man) with a prot paladin.
    We were on the usual melee adds and tanked one each in our corners.

    Trouble is, we'd meet in the middle to swap mobs and my taunt would work fine as expected but his would almost always fail, or I'd end up with both mobs on me after a few seconds.

    I personally think it's due to Hand of Reckoning sharing a similar mechanic to Mocking Blow, which is that you do not get moved to the top of the threat list, it simply gives you a temporary boost to 100% (130?) threat for a few seconds but then you lose this threat after it expires.

    Am I correct?
    The paladin swears it works like a true taunt but I'm pretty sure this spell is supposed to be a backup just like Mocking Blow.

    In this case, would I be correct by asking him to do his 3-target taunt (Righteous Defence I believe it's called) on my boss which would give him permanent max threat, then I taunt his boss off him?

    Thanks for any clarification.

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    It does function as a true taunt, however there are two major issues with it.

    First, it seems to be based off of spell hit, and as such, it has a pretty high tendancy to be resisted.

    Secondly, there is no Glyph for it, like there is for RD, Taunt, etc, so you have no bonus + Hit to it either, the only bonus to Hit you have is from the paladin's actual gear, which isn't terribly high (None of Paladin Tier gear, except the gloves have + Hit).

    Likey he is having resist issues (Very common, especially on Horsemen and bosses, I don't even bother with Hand on it, just do RD at 40 yards before the warrior gets in range) which are hard to rectifiy. It's honestly easier to just work around it with RD than use the specialized tool for it...

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    i do the same as selyndia for more or less the same reasons. Most of the time when i use hand of reckoning, it's after i've pulled with avenger's shield, and maybe thrown in an exorcism as the mobs approach me, so i've got a little chunk of front-end aggro, then i use holyshield and Hand of reckoning at the same time (it's not on GCD) and then consecrate. that way i can be sure the mob is going to stick on me, seeing as holy shield and consecrate don't really have much threat output initially, but are necessary to get down early. Then i get into SotR and HoR, the real threat-crankers :P

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    The damage attached to Hand of Reckoning is trivial. The only reason it is there was to give paladins a ranged "tap", besides the thrown shield in the prot tree. I know it's off the GCD, but I like to keep if OFF cd so it's there if I need it, as opposed to using it as a very small (basically insignificant) threat boost.

    As Selyndia mentioned, it is a normal taunt, and is affected by hit rating. Your paladin, like many of us, has probably been ignoring hit rating in gear, mostly because our threat generation is fine, even with 10-15% miss rate. It is probably just getting resisted.

    Until he gets some more hit gear, just tell him to use righteous defense (assuming he is glyphed it won't miss) and taunt AFTER he does.

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    Well we went with the Righteous Defence way and we got them down with no problems.

    I think it's definitely the better way to do it because then both tanks will have backup taunts available.

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    Pali taunt first, warrior/dk/bear taunt 2nd.

    You've been doing it for 4 years, it's not that bigga deal ^_^

    Now, the fun part comes with 2 pali tanks !
    November 23, 2004 8:27:03 AM - Glomgore 10+ Years of tanking? Priceless

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