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Thread: Daggers?

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    So if I remember right the whole reason not to tank with daggers is because they don't scale well with instant attacks. With devastate no longer being a huge part of "the cycle" would a dagger with 1.3 - 1.4 speed yield a higher tps/dps vs a standard 1.6 speed tanking weapon? Im of course assuming a high rage situation where you could spam HS till your fingers hurt. Also how would it affect Deep Wounds?
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    With deep wounds in the mix, the threat gained by wielding a faster dagger should be smaller, but since HS plays such a huge part of our damage/threat it still might yield slightly higher tps. I'd like to test it out or hear from someone who has tried it.

    Besides, it'd be fun to have a macro with /poke everytime you devastate.

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    The other thing that made daggers good back in the day was more white swings for rage income. Since the overall trend is towards a Vael-like 0 white wing performance, that kind of blows that too.

    Also at the time that I preferred them, weapons like Quel'Serrar, Thunderfury etc. were in the 1.9 - 2.0 speed range.

    Hey, couldn't hurt to play on a target dummy or in a heroic with a group you feel good about.
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    Has anybody tested this yet or found an answer? I just got a 1.6 speed dagger that pretty much matches my 2.6 speed 1-handed sword in DPS. It also has some attack power and expertise and agility buffs. Should I use it instead of my sword with +25 stam and crit strike buffs? My dagger skill is like 18, so it'll be worthless for a long while, but if it's worth it, I'll start grinding it up.

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