Deus Ex Arma is the official guild of It is headed by Matt, one of the founders, and largely populated by people from its forum community and friends. We are now looking to add a few more people to fill slots and maybe expand to 25 mans.

Casual guild, very friendly and fun. Raiding 10 mans 2 - 3 nights a week. Just getting into Naxx 10. Naxx 25 if we get some more people. We raid because we enjoy it, and don't push hard on rules and restrictions.

Ideally looking for Australian players, or Americans who work kinda weird hours. We're looking for fun, friendly people who want to enjoy playing the game at a relaxed pace. Not hardcore raiders pushing for progression. People wanting to "step down" from heavy raiding without giving up the game entirely would be sited. We don't care much about your gear. We do have NO shamans (shamen?) or rogues at raiding level, so it would be nice to get a few.