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Thread: How much block value?

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    How much block value?

    I was reading all tanking guides, and i wanna say big thanks to Vene, Xav, Cider, Satrina and others for their great help. And now to my question.

    All guides tells that Expertise is ultimate threat stat, and i was stacking Expertise on gear, and gemmed with exp/sta gems. I had like 48 expertise, 121 hit rating. But block value with this gear is like 900, and i found that i actually do more threat in my block set, with 14 expertise, like 160 hit rating, and like 1500 block value.

    Feels like expertise not so good, if you hit for shitty damage, even if not dodged/parried. Am i right, or i did something wrong again?

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    block value "only" influences a % of your total shield slam damage. That has an innate threat value, indepentent from every stat you got, provided the shield slam lands.

    So, without expertise and hit you will see 30% of your damage, not only from shieldslam but also from everything else, parried, dodged, or missed.

    There's no need to tell you that it's useless to have regular 7k shield slam if one out of three of them is wasted. And, moreover, it's useless if you see so much of your damage has gone wasted.

    You need to make your damage (al least, a good part of it) actually lands, then start worrying about everything else.

    Expertise, moreover, is a double gain: it lessens chance you get parried AND dodged, and by lowering parry chance from the mob you get less damage, since parrying buffs, more or less, haste rating.

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    It's like everything else we have to do: balance the stats more or less to your play style. Don't go overboard on either stat, unless it's in a fairly specific gear-set

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    Can you find a balance between 900 BV/40+ expertise and 1500 BV/16 expertise? I'd aim for around 26, thats where you remove dodge from the table. More is fine because it removes parries, but I think the problem is you are going too far one way or the other. Its important to balance your stats.

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    I would first ask, where is the level you have noticed the drop in threat and damage, trash mobs or bosses?

    For trash mobs 48 expertise is by no means needed, in fact mostly wasted. Another thing is that block value gear on average has higher strength, so that means that across the board damage will increase.

    For trash and 5 man and some 10 man content I use my block rating/block value threat gear with a decent amount of expertise (at least 26). For 25 man raids I may use the threat set for trash but use avoidance/expertise gear for bosses. You don't have to lead the dps meters but the expertise on bosses along with more hit rating ( I am for the most part hit capped in my avoidance/expertise gear) it will even out your threat and damage.

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    i run with a fairly balanced set all the time.

    30,002 HP
    41 expertise
    247 Hit
    1312 Block Value.

    I have some other peices of gear i siwtch around to get expertise and hit capped. but I usualy keep around 1200+ sbv all the time.

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