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Thread: Switching professions for better Tanking?

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    Switching professions for better Tanking?

    So currently I am a Miner/ Jewelcrafter.
    Mining is maxed at 450, so I have the +50 Stamina bonus.

    However I was looking at Dropping Mining for Blacksmithing and powerleveling myself through it in order to make more sockets on my gear.

    I just can't decide if its worth the headache.


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    yes it is, but be ready to spend around 5k (unless u have stacks of ore for the skillups)

    I am a BS miner and about to drop mining to take JC, and I know it will cost a lot too, good luck

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    Up until about 4 weeks ago I was mining/Skinning, I stockpiled what I thought was enough Ore, I was WAY WRONG!!!

    It still ended up costing me roughly 3k gold (Thank you whomever bought the Sword of Jinn I found, you funded my switch)

    I have a bank alt specifically created for ore, and am going to take the next few weeks to stockpile.

    I am really trying to avoid the money sink as my bank hasn't recovered from the JC switch.

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    For tanking mining is better than BS until the epic gems come out. As it stands with mining you get 50 stam compared to BS's 48 stam. When the new gem comes out you would get an increase of 4 stamina and in my opinion is not worth it.

    If/when they release the epic gems that are not unique and they still provide the Epic value of 30 stamina it will be a meager increase of 8 stamina.

    The only way BS is better than mining is if you DPS and tank/heal in which case the extra BS sockets would provide you with customization instead of a straight 50 stam bonus.

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    Right now I can equip 3 Prismatic gems for +42 Stamina each, so thats 126 Stamina in all of the Extra BS slots, and that still leaves room for other utility slots, so I could raise Def if I needed to, or Agility for Dodge/ block.

    The more I think about it, the more I think its worth it.

    Just not sure how much ore to stockpile.

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    You have the bonus stam from JC already, whether or not you take up BS. Inaara's analysis looks pretty accurate to me.
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