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Thread: Prot warrior offset, how does it look?

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    Prot warrior offset, how does it look?

    I am still a bit shy to just tanking whatever. I have OT some 10 man naxx, have tanked Heroic VH, but really just had one bad experience in Heroic AN and so scared I can't do this job well enough. I threw together a quick spec and am currently wearing my tanking gear, mostly enchanted and gemmed. Could the vets of the forums give me some ideas as to how my gear and spec is and what could be better?

    My rotation is mostly charge in, thunder clap, devistate and shield slam (I think that's what it's called), revenge whenever it procs and throwing in some heroic throws and shockwave when they are up. I haven't used heroic strike much nor have I used cleave much. Should I add those to my rotation? In multiple mob situations, I feel like a chicken with my head cut off trying to hit each mob to keep them with me. I have done ok, and know that practice will make it easier, but I have a hard time speccing so not sure if my spec is way off or ok.

    Thanks for any information you can provide!

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    I don't see an armory link so I can't check you out. But for multi-mob tanking, DEFINITELY use cleave.

    Mark a skull that you want the dps to focus on. After you charge in, thunderclap, throw a shield slam into your main target, que cleave, devastate, que cleave, revenge when its up, sheild slam when its up, que cleave,thunderclap when its up, repeat.

    Glyph of Cleave makes it so it hits three targets instead of two. I would def. recommend you try it out if you're having trouble aoe tanking.

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    Um, under my name is has a link "wow characters" and has a link there, but I had to respec last night to fury for a run so it's pointless now. Thanks.

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