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Thread: Arms Trinkets

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    Arms Trinkets


    Prior to the sudden death nerf I was arms. After the nerf I decided I couldn't fight the powers that be so I went TG. During this I purchased a greatness card thinking TG would be king for a while to come, however with the coming 3.1 changes I think I may go back to arms assuming it can keep up with the nerfed tg damage.

    So basically, in order for me to feel good about purchasing a 10k trinket, will it still be useful to arms over Loatheb's Shadow & Mirror of Truth, or will I need to stay fury for it not to be a waste?


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    I appreciate the insightful posts!

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    90 STR with the proc is STILL probably BIS over Loatheb's / Mirror / FotFF

    I'd use that greatness trinket + one of the above depending on what you need more of.

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    Especially if you're stacking enough agility to get it higher than your strength.

    I'm not sure how viable that goal is as arms (I haven't really been paying attention to arms gear versus fury gear), but I know that it's possible to hit this point as a fury warrior.

    The only reason you'd want one of those trinkets over Greatness would be if you were hurting on crit (below 35%). Personally speaking, I've got my crit up to 40% unbuffed, and break 50% with raid-buffs as fury (with one of my trinkets being FotFF, which I would upgrade to Greatness in a heartbeat if I could). And that's without poleaxe spec. So yeah, if you're geared properly, Greatness is good for arms

    BTW, in the future, you'd probably be better off posting this in the DPS discussion forums. Even though this doesn't explicitly state that it's for prot warriors, the DPS discussion gets a ton of gearing questions, and a good number of the DPS regulars (myself included) don't check this forum that much.
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