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Thread: Tanking heroics so far, bit of guidance on gear.

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    Tanking heroics so far, bit of guidance on gear.

    Me and 5-10 friends play together regularly.(hunter priest warlock and either a hunter or fury warrior normally) I orginally made the DK as a dps, i switched it over to tank and geared it up via faction and tradeskill items even had a friend get me a dalaran bracer:-P. And i got a tier 7 gloves from a pick up raid. So im not bad off.
    Anyways we've been starting to do some heroics. I even have a couple loots from them. But we've died horribly to AN each time we try it. Is this a problem with my healer? With my gear or with my spec? It seems the basic problem is A. Skirmisher kills someone early. B. Healer runs oom before named. C. I die group wipes. Either one happens nearly every time. Think we've engaged the named once in like 10-12 attempts. It may just be a lack of CC on them perhaps.

    I want the trinket there to replace my lame one. The other option i have is droping some gold and getting jewelcraft up for a trinket. otherwise i think im fairly solid gear wise till naxx.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    any changes to gemming or enchants to make?

    Anyways, good or bad on spec? Any clue what kind of damage i should put out tanking? (I don't do alot atm 800-2k depending on whats happening.) I use armor / icebound when i spike or on big pulls.

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    Gear wise, do not gem for parry. You have a ton of defense, more than the 540 for raids, so look to maybe swap out some parry for defense gems and switch your run to Shattering for the 4% parry. If you don't want to give up the 2% stamina and are going to gem for any avoidance gem for dodge.

    Another upgrade you should be grinding for are the pants in H-VH. Run that, as it's fast badges, relatively easy and has an upgrade. All good things.

    On the badges, I'd probably just dump them on the T7.0 chest. It's an upgrade for you and should be easy if you're grinding heroics for your drops.

    If you're talking about Anub'arak I had problems when I first fought him and here is what I found to be helpful.

    First, practice running right through him when he starts casting Pound. Unless he's bugging he won't turn and you'll avoid it. Then when it's done being cast run back and continue tanking. If you can land an IT or PS on him after he clears DoTs but before he burrows it'll still tick while he's underground, shortening the fight for you.

    When he does burrow, have everyone group up near where you entered the platform. Drop a DnD so that people know where to stand. You can target the elites as they are coming down the ramp before you can attack them. Get them targeted so you can grab immediate aggro. Dodge the spikes but stick around that entrance area and keep DnD down as much as you can when the adds are coming. That way they go to you first.

    When he comes back from burrow, stay back a second or two so as to not cause him to bug out, pun again mostly intended. He'll cast pound pretty early so everyone has to get toward his back so as to not get caught in it, especially you and the healer. Then, as before, get in front until he casts pound and run through him.

    Wow, when I'm bored, hopped up on coffee and looking for a distraction I can get wordy. Hope that helps.

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