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Thread: Any better team VIOP software ?

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    Any better team VIOP software ?

    Wow, thatís really amazing! Today one of my buddies told me he found out a VoIP software Raidcall can support overlay in many games like starcraft II, wow, operation 7 etc.

    And screenshot taking in game also goes live!!!

    Me and my friends were trying to think if there is any better voice chat than RaidCall. So i am making this post.

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    First off, why did you make this topic when there is already another topic discussing this very thing, which you even replied to as well? It wouldn't have even been off the first page based on the prior response.

    In any case, if the only reason you like this particular softward is because of the overlay, well other software has that as well. Ventrilo for example supports overlay over World of Warcraft. What makes you think this particular software is "the best" if the only feature you reference isn't unique to it but rather a feature they copied off of their predecessors?
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