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Thread: Warrior T8 stats.

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    Warrior T8 stats.

    Here we have the T8 stats, and I have to say, I'm dissapointed:

    Point for point, they look to be almost identical to the T7.5 gear, the only difference being a slight bit more armor. I'd say the worth of this set will be determined by the set bonus.

    I do suppose though, that it being the 10 man set, tokens for 2 pieces of it could be purchasable with valor emblems and Blizzard don't want to give a significant upgrade to players who may already have the emblems when 3.1 hits.

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    Those stats shown are just a copy of T7.5. Don't worry, they will update them.
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    You are aware that 10 man Ulduar loot is the equivalent of 25 man Naxx gear right? In some cases T7.5 is inferior to 25 man gear, especially the 226 armor from Malygos and Sartharion with multiple drakes up. I don't see why Blizz wouldn't make Ulduar 10 man gear around the same stats as 25 man Naxx, if it is truly going to be difficult then you should have the people geared for 10 man Ulduar easily by the time it comes out, making it so that you don't need Ulduar 10 gear to beat 25 man.

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    Is this datamined information?
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    10-man Ulduar T8 is intended to have the exact same stats as 25-man Naxx T7.

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    After some digging, it does indeed look like this is datamined information. I'll remind everyone that posting datamined information is not only against our Posting & Chat Rules, but our agreement with Blizzard as well.
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