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Thread: Grinding for Recipes...

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    Grinding for Recipes...

    Hey Everyone,

    What's the best way to grind for a recipe that has a very low drop rate? I'm trying to fill in some of my missed recipes and the recipe for Silvered Bronze Breastplate is really giving me trouble. According to WoWHead, my best possible drop rate is 0.2% off of a rare elite! Ugh. Any suggestions?
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    For a rare world drop like that there is no best way, at least not in terms of making your chances of having it drop be any better - its totally random from any mob in that level range. The best thing you can do is focus on mobs that give you other benefits, such as reputation from kills or from items they drop - in this case, I'd say if you're not exalted already, farm Gnomeregan - you'll get reputation plus the chance of getting the item.

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