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Thread: To bother with t7 or to not bother...

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    To bother with t7 or to not bother...

    Main question I've been wondering at the moment is, assuming I've got Heroes' Dreadnaught Gauntlets, is Undiminished Battleplate or Heroes' Dreadnaught Battleplate better in my situation? I have both at the moment.

    Because really, according to my damage meters Slam (from Bloodsurge procs) only contributed 3% to my overall damage during last night's Naxx-10 raid (Military, Plague, Sapph and KT)..
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    I personally would roll with T7 one,unless you need expertise,with 2x str gems and the massive crit rate on T7,dps wise you should be getting more bonus,that is as i said,unless you lack expertise.

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    I think that the sets are worth going after primarily for set bonuses. The individual pieces of the same ilevel seem to be generally stronger, so to set bonus or not is probably the way to look at it.

    I've been gearing for net gains, for me (currently raiding as a paladin) that includes set bonues. How much do you think you would get out of -5 rage to next ability on bleed effects?
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